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Muslin Cotton Baby Blankets Benefits

When looking for gear for your newborn, it is easy to find products in the marketplace today. There are outlets and baby boutiques in most large areas. If your community doesn't have a local baby specialty shop, there is the World Wide Web to expand your shopping options. Today, there is more of an emphasis on natural fibers and those which are from renewable sources. One popular item for baby is muslin cotton baby blankets. Here are some of the benefits of choosing cotton over polyester or other man made fibers.

Because cotton is a renewable resource, choosing baby garments and bedding from natural cotton weaves is a responsible way to outfit your infant. Muslins, also known as "calico" in the UK and US, are available in many different weights, but as a lightweight covering for an infant or toddler, it is unparalleled. Used to swaddle the child, it is warm and comfortable against delicate skin.

A blanket made of cotton muslin is easy to launder, It doesn't require special handling, since it is sturdy enough for everyday use. The items are pre-washed to ensure softness, but the fibers are naturally soft anyway. Cleanliness is important in the fabrics that surround your infant, so these blankets are suitable for day-to-day use. They are easy to toss in the laundry, and quick drying so they can be returned to comfort and cuddle the infant.

Finding blankets which are soft enough to provide comfort to a youngster, yet durable enough to stand up to months and even years of usage and laundering is a feat in itself. Cottons fit the standard on both aspects. They can carry the youngster from infancy into early childhood easily.

The history of muslin is hundreds of years old. One point of view believes the fabric originated in Iraq, in a city called Mosul. Marco Polo spoke of the fabric in his journal in 1298. It is also linked to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Other locations which have been noted in the early muslin trade include India and the entire Central Asia area.

Today, cottons are a fabric of choice for environmental reasons, but it has other benefits as well. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles. Blankets of muslin make attractive options for those who are looking for a infant gift. The blankets can be selected in various sizes to use as a swaddling blanket. They are available in single or double layer options so that they are comfortable in all seasons.