Woombie The Toddler Eco Donut


Soft travel nap mat, for ages 1-6 years old
-Foam Free, Glue Free, Odor Free
-Hypo Allergenic, Non Toxic
-Lead & Phthalate Free
-Non Flammable/ No Halogenated Flame Retardants
-Perfect for Travel, Camping, Daycare, Outdoors, Grandmas House, Diaper changes
-Not for use on any surface that is elevated
-Ultra Plush Minky Dot fabric
-Machine washable in non agitating machine
-Sides zip to create a bonus carry bag/clean environment.

Please use a front loading washing machine only to wash the Donut. Use of an agitator machine will cause the denim to agitate over the minky fleece and cause color changes. Oversized front load washers are recommended.

Made of 90% Polyester & 10% Cotton Eco'Toddler Donut, ages 1-6 y/o, Measurements: Folded L:20 W: 30 / Unfolded Measurements: L: 40 W: 30.

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