How to Choose the Right Food Storage for Your Baby

It's hard to know exactly how much baby food your little one will eat in a day or at each meal, so it's important to use storage containers that can hold the right amount of food. With Chotobaby baby gear, you can find the right storage system to fit your needs! Here are four of our favorite ways to store baby food.

EZ Lock Containers

These containers are great for keeping large amounts of food organized. They stack easily on top of one another and fit well in any freezer. The lids are also easy to take off and put back on, but they're hard for little ones to open, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected messes.

Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays are great for storing fresh baby food you’ve made yourself. Each compartment can hold a little bit of food, and with multiple compartments, it will be easier to control portions. Our Freezer Pods are great for storing bigger portions, while our EZ Pop Freezer Tray is ideal for smaller portions.


With a divided Bento, you can store and thaw multiple meals at a time. These are great for saving space in your freezer or fridge, and their large compartments make it easy to store a variety of different foods.

Packin’ SMART

These stackable containers are perfect for storing dry food. Their ability to stack together into one convenient unit makes pantry or diaper bag organization a breeze. They even have removable funnel-shaped inner lids to make dispensing the contents easy.

Whether you’re a mom on the go, a baby food gourmet chef, or just trying to stay organized, Chotobaby food storage containers have something for all parents. Visit our website to shop our selection today!


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