Stylish Baby Gear Only From Chotobaby!

The Birth of a Distributor

After having my first baby I really saw the need for some unique mommy products in the marketplace. I tried to find a stylish diaper bag for my own use but was never satisfied, and always looking for “something better.” I decided to import, with the assistance of my supportive husband, some hip diaper bags and began supplying stores across Canada. Hence, the birth of Chotobaby.

I had always had an intense desire to have my own business and this was a great opportunity. So here we are today, an exclusive distributor of chic mommy and baby gear! Chotobaby is committed to providing quality baby products including baby clothing, baby gear, and baby accessories, along with exceptional customer service.

We hope you love the products we bring to you, and are always open to suggestions and welcome feedback!

Best Regards,
Marcia Chotowetz