Ah Goo Baby

Plush Pad

Color: Audrey

The Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby is the highest luxury in portable diaper changing stations, available in a variety of styles to cater to your sense of fashion. Designed with a body-contouring memory foam insert to soothe your baby's sensitive pressure points and vibrant cotton and minky fabrics, it is the only portable changing station that is not only comfortable for the child but also machine washable and water-repellant. With parents finding themselves changing their babies more outside of the home than in, why not afford your baby the same comfort on the go, as they have in their comfy nurseries- Whether you live in the city, the country or the beach, there`s a style for you.

The Plush Pad is for the mom or dad on the go taking the comfort of the nursery with you when working, traveling, or at home. Throw it in your diaper bag, or leave it open for a week in a hotel. Use it as a second diaper changing station downstairs, or give it to Grandma for when she takes the kids. Style meets practical. Baby meets plush.

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