Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia Made for Men - Shave Gel


 A low foaming product that will leave your skin soft after shaving. This shave gel contains a nice blend of moisturizing oils to help keep your skin lubricated during shaving. Organic aloe vera and chamomile help to soothe and calm any irritations or razor burn. Organic Wheatgerm Oil* assists with elasticity to maintain skin tone. Ladies this gel is great for shaving legs and under-arms too! Gaia Made for Men Shave Gel is enriched with

    • Certified Organic Avocado Oil* - to nourish your skin

    • Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil* - to soften your skin

    • Certified Organic Chamomile* - to calm your skin

    • Certified Organic Aloe Vera* - to soothe any irritation or razor burn

      (*=Australian Certified Organic)

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