Adult Silver Fabric Mask

Color: Black

Did you know that prolonged use of disposable masks or unwashed fabric can grow bacteria that can cause respiratory irritations and acne? Are you experiencing discomfort from itchy, odor-causing disposable masks or multi-layered heavy fabric masks that cause discomfort and ear pain? If you have been looking for a safe and comfortable alternative mask, see what everyone has been saying about Innobaby's innovative masks!



What is silver infused? Silver has natural antimicrobial properties. When it's infused in the yarn, it inhibits odor-causing bacterial growth, transforming fabric into performance fabric. Aerosilver is a premium silver infused fabric by Hyosung, one of the largest fabric makers in South Korea, and has been certified by FITI and KOTRI for its antimicrobial properties to Staphylococcus aureus Klebsiella pneumonia bacterias for up to 99.9% effectiveness.



Each mask is made with two-ply double-layered fabric for extra protection & filtration without the heaviness and stuffiness of other multilayered fabric masks. Additionally, unlike other similar single-layered Aerosilver masks, the mask features optimal thickness and weight, providing comfort and peace of mind for mask wearers.

  • Mask Outer Layer (exterior): Silver-infused fabric filters & inhibits bacterial growth, significantly reducing the risk of getting exposed to UV rays, pollen, dust, and pathogens.
  • Mask Inner Layer (interior): Silver-infused fabric removes odor by killing odor-causing bacteria and naturally wicks away moisture, significantly improving mask-wearing comfort.


This magical fabric feels amazing on your face, even for those suffering from skin irritations such as eczema and acne. Unlike itchy disposable masks that harbor bacterias known to cause skin, respiratory, and odor issues, Innobaby's mask is designed with comfort in mind, thanks to its special fabric and details! Naturally, this mask will quickly become your favorite for any outings, especially for work, school, sports, or other outdoor activities.


Finding the perfect fitting mask is important for keeping yourself safe and comfortable. The ergonomic design mask stretches & contours to all face shapes, providing a perfect fit. The integrated ear loop design significantly reduces ear pain and ensures all-day comfort wear. You won't even realize that you are wearing a mask. For unusually small faces, shorten ear loops by twirling or sewing. Always refer to the sizing guide prior to purchasing.


The mask is designed to minimize unnecessary stitching to reduce tiny holes that increase the risk of unwanted exposure from the environment. One centered seam line across the exterior mask layer for better coverage and also allows the mask to fold easily for portability.


Why Aerosilver?  

  • It's the most advanced silver fabric on the market offering antimicrobial properties and more!
  • Soft - Will not irritate your sensitive skin.
  • Flexible - Thanks to our choice of premium fabric, our mask feels soft and quickly absorbs moisture. 
  • Breathable - Yes... you can talk and breathe while wearing it!
  • Cool to the touch- The fabric naturally blocks harmful UV rays.
  • Quick to dry - You can now say 'no thanks' to a soggy mask, and wash & go faster!
  • Odor-resistant - Still smells fresh after multiple uses.
  • Reusable - Save cost & the environment.

Why the shape & seven colors?

  • Everyone's face is shaped differently, so our mask is designed to contour to your face for better coverage and fit.
  • Our masks are integrated with EZ-wear comfort loops that nest around your ears to provide all-day comfort without any irritation and pulling (your skin and ears will thank you) so you can focus better at work and at schools.
  • Sold in a variety of vibrant colors that will lift your mood and match any outfit.  With seven colors to choose from, you can wear a different mask every day of the week!

Why the exterior seam line?

  • Watch out for other masks with stitches as they may present tiny holes that are large enough to increase the risk of unwanted exposure to pathogens, dust, or pollution.  Ours is an integrated design that minimizes unnecessary stitching.
  • Our design has one centered seam line across the exterior for better coverage.
  • Folds down easy for portability when not in use. 

Was the fabric tested?  

  • Our fabric has been tested by KOTRI, a third party independent lab in South Korea.
  • Antimicrobial testing on straphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria shows up to 99.9% effectiveness.  

Adult size: 

From nose to ear (folded measurement): 6.5 inches when laid flat, max 8.5 inches with a comfortable stretchTop to bottom measurement: 5 inches


Wash & Care:

  • Hand washing is recommended in lukewarm water with mild detergent.
  • Lay flat and allow to completely air dry.  When possible, place the mask in direct sunlight.
  • Do not share masks and wash regularly.
  • For prolonged use, do not machine wash or tumble dry.  Discard & replace immediately if fitting becomes loose.

Return Policy: 

Due to the hygienic nature of the product, this product is not eligible for returns or exchanges.
Please product inquiries, please email us at For sizing, please refer to the dimension diagram above.   



Not intended to be used as a surgical or medical device and or as respiratory equipment.  

This is not a toy and is intended to be used for ages 3 and up.

  • CDC does not recommend children under age 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance to use face masks.
  • Do not sleep with the mask on.

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