True Two

Nursing Pillow

Color: Aqua-Espresso Dynasty

This is the MUST HAVE nursing pillow which supports mom and baby for ideal positioning for breastfeeding. Great to use also as a support for sleeping during pregnancy. Pillow comes with an amazing removable designer plush fabric cover and 35 colors to choose from! The pillow cover is made of 100% polyester fabric and is machine washable. The pillow itself is V shape and measures a generous 32 inches from end to end. Proud to say the pillow form is Canadian-made, consisting of 100% polyester fibers. It is machine wash on a gentle cool cycle and dry on gentle/ cool! Other great features of the Posh 'n' Plush pillow include: comfortable fit to accommodate twins, eliminates back and neck strain and pillow can also be used as a support for bottle feeding.

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